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Praise for The Edge of Never
An IndieNext List Notable selection
Shortlisted for Book of the Year in the Adventure category from The Independent Booksellers of America

"A heart-stopping read, The Edge of Never takes us beyond mountains, beyond snow and ice and danger and into the heart of family."
—Betsy Burton, IndieNext List.

Fantastically written, Kerig’s insightful style wonderfully encapsulates the incredible emotion of both Kye’s journey and that of big-mountain skiing.
—The Ski Channel

"The ... highlight [is a] ... terrifying descent of the 55-degree Exit Couloir, which Kerig recounts grippingly."

"Kerig writes about the bonds between skiers, fatherhood and his own ski ambitions ... with clear prose that delves into why skiers take such risks and why we feel compelled to document their stories."

"A remarkable book. Kerig combines astute observation and a penetrating, journalistic style of writing, [to put] the reader on a trip to Chamonix with the 110-pound twin-tip riding lost boy who earns his birthright by experiencing his father’s last run firsthand. The reader gains an understanding of life, and how the men and women who play those stakes do it not because they love death but because they love life and won’t let the fear overcome their faith.
— Joan Rostad,

What Into Thin Air is to mountain climbing, Kerig’s The Edge of Never is to skiing."
—Keith Carlsen, former editor, Powder magazine

"A gripping tale of fathers, sons, and the mountains that call to them."
—Marc Peruzzi, former editor-in-chief, Skiing

"A great exploration of the tragic and unforgiving nature of life in the mountains and its beautiful and sometimes irresistible allure."
—Derek Taylor, editor, Powder

"Kerig has a great ear for dialogue and a gift for weaving tension in and out of the plotline ... The result is both confessional and illuminating: An insider’s look at a tribe of devoted—some would say fanatical— skiers in the mountains that are their lifeblood (and all too often the cause of their death)."
—Peter Shelton, author of Climb to Conquer

"Transcending the boundaries of sport, the book tells a deeply interpersonal and moving human story ... Kerig ... stays true to the roots and core values that define the culture of skiing."

"… one of the most well written books about skiing I've ever read. There is an intimacy in the book, as if we are listening to conversations too private to hear. These small, human moments elevate the book above most ski literature."
—Jared Hargrave, The Salt Lake City Examiner

"For anyone who really wants to know what the ski life is like, this is the book for them."
—Francois Goulet, President, Rossignol North America

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