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Edge of Never review from Canada’s Explore Magazine

The Edge of Never

  • Posted on February 3, 2010 at 1:26 PM
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I just finished reading the book *The Edge of Never,* by Bill Kerig, the most inspiring page turner I’ve read in a long time. It’s the story of how Kerig took Kye Peterson to ski the Chamonix, France, run where his father Trevor Peterson died in an avalanche.

Trevor was one of my skiing idols growing up. I emulated his jump turning style as I explored the steeps of Lake Louise in the early to mid 1990s. I watched him in movies like Into the Snow Zone and Carving the White ski big Alaskan shower curtains before it was de rigueur. Trevor died in an avalanche while skiing the Exit Couloir near Chamonix in 1996, when Kye was five.

In the book, Kerig does an excellent job of recounting his quest to make a documentary about the soul of big mountain skiing. The idea builds around taking 15-year old Kye to Chamonix, getting him the best training from legendary skiers, his father’s accomplices and professional mountain guides and then climaxes with the ski down the Exit Couloir in less than ideal conditions. The story and action is gripping and Kerig’s prose heightens the tension. In the end it’s a story of why skiers will risk their lives to ski, but it’s also about why anyone would want to push their boundaries and the freedom they find when they do.

After polishing the quick read in less than a week, I’m looking forward to watching the movie. In the meantime all I want to do is to find something steep and rocky to ski.

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