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Coming together

Working daily in the editing room with a great editor named Steve Haugen at Savage Pictures http://savagepictures.net/  in SLC. Loving what I’m seeing. The Edge of Never has a shot at being a really good film. Will be ready for release this fall.

Father’s Day/Edge of Never Ink

Nutty nursing quotes notwithstanding, how could I not be pleased with this ink? A nod to my most humbling and cherished achievement.


Goateed and virtuous

Sometimes, as I stand line at the coffee shop across from my office, I yearn to become goateed and virtuous. To pedal a single-speed. I’d get on the wifi and Facebook with obtuse lucidity, Tweet the illuminating link. I’d delete the calendar from my suite of applications, freeing me up to espouse pop-culture-based, theoretical dictums with a disarming irony and faux winsomeness that never quite cloaks a deep rage that I’m working to affect.  I’d become an anonymous critic. Plan a vacation to Havana, before the Americans get there and ruin it, of course. I’d wear suede Hush Puppies and a tattoo on my forearm that reads “tattoo.”  

And then I pay, and take my coffee to go.